• what do i do with the wire blocking the door and the four sided head in the beginning of the maze?
  • After you've completed the cube puzzle which is, THE CUBE PUZZLE:
    There is a rotating cube in the middle of the room. Behind it is
    a little indent in the wall. That wall corresponds with the cube. What
    you need to do is rotate the cube to make a door appear AND a second
    door that will lead out the other side.
    For easy and normal difficulties, rotate the box so that the red
    eyed face is right side up, looking at you. From here you'll either
    need to rotate the cube left or right, presenting an upside down face.
    Just look at the wall to see if the doors are there. If not, go the
    other direction and the doors will be open.
    For hard mode, the solution is different every single time
    through. Basically, you'll need to sit and try out each cube face until
    you figure out the solution. Every time you turn the cube, check the
    wall to see if there's an opening. Once you get one, check to see what
    direction you'll need to turn it to open the other one in order to
    progress on. It's nothing too incredibly hard, just more time-consuming
    than the easy/normal difficulties. Then you go back and get the wire cutters from the power box by the ladder to cut through the wires. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.