Fight in the maze
  • I'm screwed I saved my damn game and I'm in no real shape to attack this guy.. its the "walking bed" that you find down the hallway,

    Any help?
  • best i can suggest is to grab your rifle pop a coule of bullets in him...and scramble. Come back for aanother couple of shots and scramble. when he goes down go on
  • yeah this is where I'm so screwed.... I only have one rifle shot left and about 30 handgun bullets...

    I can't seem to kill the monster before I run out.

    Is there a cheat code? because I'll be damned if I'm starting this game over again!
  • Are you talking about the one that Angela's having problems with? If so then you're talking about the Door Man. What you need to use with this boss is the shotgun. Go into one of the corners and shoot him once or twice before running to the opposite corner. If you don't have much life and not many health drinks and what not then i would back track and find as much health as you can get because you will get hit a couple times by this boss. Well, i hope that you finally beat him and if this isn't that part that you're looking help for then just post or PM me about it. Well, enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • The only cheat code that i know of is for unlimted life but you don't want to use that. It would ruin the game the first time through. I would go back through the areas that you've been and look for as much ammo as you can find as well as all the health that you can get.