PSP - Rainbow Six Multiplayer Siberian Base Question
  • Hi, I've been playing Rainbow Six Vegas for the PSP and I am enjoying the Multiplayer (would be better if you could tell people, teammates, that they are idiots for choosing the sniper rifle on certain boards... but i digress). My question is "On the Siberian Base board, how do I get onto the roof of the building that has the bathroom in it?". It seems impossible to me since I can't figure out how to climb on anything near that building and it doesn't appear that I have any controls that allow me to jump. BUT, I did play against someone and they were definately up there on the roof, shooting at me. I guess it could have been a glitch, but I doubt it. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks and I look forward to killing you as a terrorist soon. :p
  • I guess everyone is too busy playing Daxter to reply.
  • Sorry, shifty- I had been digging around trying to find the way but there isn't that much given in regard to details about any info of the maps. Did you check to see if maybe they could go into the building and up onto th roof that way?
  • Yeah, no ladder, no stairs, no trap doors (that i know of). I'm starting to think it could be a glitch in that one game. I noticed the lack of documentation anywhere, thought maybe other people actually play it and knew what was happening...