• I've been to several websites copying every cheat I could find for making mass money and have tried EVERY one of them for both 2D and 3D but none of them work even though they were suppose to of been tested. Like one cheat says to start a new game, buy a marina and put it on the shoreline, turn on legalized gambling, use the query tool and find it but instead of pushing "X" you push "L1" instead, and I should get a slot machine, but all I get is my map spinning around like it was possessed. And how are you supposed to type in "imacheat" while in game? If anyone could answer these and more I would REALLY APPRECIATE ALL the help I could get.
  • sim city is all about learning the ropes and succeeding just persiverr its worth it mate.
  • Well I've been at this for the last 2 weeks and nothing has worked yet. Not the helicopter, nuggets, Casino, the 0% bonds, or the million bucks. I just can't seem to figure it out. I've never had this much problem with any other game. Am I doing something wrong and don't know it?
  • My son and I are also having a problem. We can't figure out how to attract people to our new city even after we've built power, water and all the infrastructure. And offices. What are the step by step sequences to make sure people will move into your new city ? We don't have a users guide, so if you can help it would be greatly appreciated. Also, any help on getting a user's guide for SimCityt 2000 for the PS 1 would be really appreciated too !

    Thanks !