dead psp please help
  • hi
    i am a new member to this comunity
    i have dead psp
    what happen is that
    i am playing games on it my psp battey is low .at that time i stop playing games . and i just plug it into the charger .its getting charged whole night
    . but in the morning when try to swtch it on . i am unable to that . psp not even showing any light or any thing . the only thing which its showing the orange light .that is for charing the battery . (i have change battery ,i have try every thing even the pandora battery) . but i am unable to switch it on .

    please help me ..

    mani khullar
  • Something has happened to the power supply's lead into the PSP's main board, keeping it from getting power (at a guess). You would likely be better served by contacting the Sony technical help for your region. The local number should be in the user manual for the PSP.