PSP Power Problem
  • Hello guys I hope every one is Alright!
    Here is My problem: First My PSP got a hard smack on the floor :rolleyes: then the power slide (button) dispatched, i've opened my psp to fix the problem, it was normal, the psp turned on (from the inside power button) and after i turned it off, then wanted to turn it on again. IT WON'T TURN ON, i pluged the charger... NO ORANGE LIGHT !!..., It stand like that until now. :eek: Can you please HELP me !!?

    PSP-1004 (Fat), FW: 3.71M33 MS:2Go
  • I think the impact may have jarred other things besides the power button loose inside. If your PSP is under a year old and you have the receipt i would say contact Sony about repairs/ replacement. They would replace the PSP free of charge. If out of warranty I would still likely recommend calling them- the price you would have to pay for the service would still be less than buying a replacement PSP.
  • Thanx For the answer, I'll Contact them! :) GOOD DAY