Loud Clicking-Reads no disc
  • Scoured the forum and did not find I would like to call the loud "clicking noise of death" issue. Purchased Xmas 2006 so warranty is gone. Upon inserting disc, a loud clicking noise lasting approx. 5-8 seconds comes on and disc unable to read. Tried resetting but no sucess. Just purchased rock band for xmas 2007 and now I'm hating it as I am trying to finish the world tour with my band. Sux! Any suggestions before having to take it to Sony for big bux repair? Also, area is well ventilated and console is turned off when not in use. I've owned ps since the beginning but never had any problems for the most part except this one (didn't spend $700 for a black box to work a little over a year). Help so my band can rule the world!
  • Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done other than contact Sony. That clicking noise would be something coming into contact with the disc or some other item in there that shouldn't be where it is. Sorry i can't give you better news than that. :(