• I dropped my PSP earlier and now the power switch won't respond. At first it was still on and the X/O buttons wouldn't do anything after I dropped it. I thought maybe it was just the battery so I took it out and popped it back in. After that I noticed the power switch was non-responsive. Basically, before there was some resistance between moving it between Hold/Off/On and instead of having that, now it just moves freely up and down with no resistance. The Hold light still turns on if the switch is all the way down but other than that I can't get it to actually turn on or respond. Is there any screw I can remove to try and tighten things back up or anything I can do to turn it on? Putting it on the charger does nothing (other than show the charging light)
  • If you are still under warranty I would say contact Sony instead and they would replace it. It is a one year warranty on the PSP, after all.

    You most likely would not be able to do much- something inside the switch mechanism has probably broken off in the fall. In the end you may just want to have Sony replace it. If you are not under warranty the cost should be in the $80 range- they can say for sure on the tech help line.