• Got it from ps3 store so wasnt to shore where to ask for help. Like i said i recentley got it from psn and am loving it the only problem i have is when the earth quakes go off. When your machines blow up what on earth are you suppost to do. It wont let me fix them , delte the machine or the room please could you help me.
    Thanks again Samuel Pennington.
    ps. If know of any hints could you please add these, when i had it on ps1 i never found any and idnt complete it either so this time im wanting to get it nailed.
  • It may have been purchased from the store but it's still a PSOne game, after all. ;)

    I did a quick look around and couldn't find much about that situation- the one walkthrough I could find was the PC version and mentioned nothing about natural disasters.
  • thanks anyway amte
  • I've just blown the dust off of this one lol ......sadly the only thing you can do is rebuild the room. it does mention in the manual (usually) that too many earthquakes can destroy the machinery, killing anyone stood by it including staff, best advice is as soon as you get a warning, get your handymen to work on repairs or (if you have the cash) replace the machines . the only other things i know are if you get the rat holes you can either put a plant infront of it or save game and reload both of these make the holes dissappear, with the save and reload this also clears your hospital of patients.

    there are a few different sires offering the codes for the various levels so as far as cheats go that everything I know ......... hope its of some use
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