• [b]I'm guessing that your first ending was either the water or the leave ending but i'm going to give you what works best for getting each ending.


    Things to do to get this ending is as follows: Examine
    Angela's knife. Read the diary on the roof of the hospital.
    Make sure to listen to the whole conversation over the
    headphones in the hotel. Make sure to listen to the entire
    conversation with Marie in the long hallway before the final
    boss(if you don't even hear a conversation, then you're pretty much guaranteed this ending). Throughout the game if you're ever seriously injured, don't heal immediately, wait a few minutes if it's safe to do so, then heal.


    Follow this basic guidelines: Keep yourself healthy, don't
    fight very many enemies with melee weapons all while
    attempting not to get hit. When you first meet Maria, don't
    make her remind you of the way to the hotel. Don't go east
    after leaving the park either. Hit Maria with the wooden plank
    two or three times. In your menu, examine both the picture and letter from Marie. After meeting Maria at the park, try to get her to the room where she feels ill in the hospital (S3 room) as soon as possible; the less time spent with her the better. Listen to the whole conversation in the long hallway at the end of the game before the final boss.


    Follow these guidelines to get this ending: You need to make
    sure you go exactly where Maria tells you. Make sure she isn't
    hurt much at all. When you make it to West South Vale, make
    sure you spend a good amount of time with her, before the
    hospital especially. Once you leave her in the room in the
    hospital, make sure you check up on her often. After you leave her cell in the Labyrinth, attempt to go back in.