• I've got some more ???s about Simcity 2000. My kids were getting mad because every game we bought, I was getting ahead of them and was supposedly "burning them out on every game we got", so I decided to get a game that I know they would want nothing to do with. Sim City, but found out that the only game made (Simcity style) was Simcity 2000. So I got it, with no case, artwork, or manual and it was gold in color. Well I have had massive problems with it, so I bought one online that was described as two disk with art work and manual in pristeen condition. Well it came in a dual case with manual and artwork cover, but only came with one disk and this one is silver. 1.So is Simcity 2000 suppose to have 2 disks? And 2. How can you tell which version is 2D or 3D?

    I hate to be a pest about this game as it seems that I am the only one playing it, but since I became disabled and can hardly get around any more, Gaming is all I have (except cable TV, but there is only so many times one can watch this same programs over and over. HAHAHA!!) and its nice to revisit the older classics from time to time.
  • Both of those versions you bought are, I believe, illegal copies. All actual PlayStation games came on CDs that had a black covering on the bottom. That covering was to help differentiate them from illegal copies as well as anyone mistaking them for music Cds (yes, some people would do that).

    The game should be all included on one disc- the only games I can recall off-hand that were multiple disc are the original Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII.
  • Both of the bottoms are black. I meant the top labels are silver and gold, and after looking through a magnifying glass, I noticed that the silver labeled one has a copyright date of 1990, 2002, Electronic arts and a code of slus-00113gs (under the rating), whereas the gold labeled one has a 1996 Maxis for the copyright and slus-00113 under the rating. So, what is the difference between the GS version and the not GS version?
  • Ah, ok- had me wondering a bit. The gold disc with the 1996 Maxis copyright would be the original release of the game. The other would most likely have been a later print or possibly a Greatest Hits version. The game on them should still be identical, the only difference would be the cheaper paint job done on the later disc. The slus-00113 and slus-00113gs are the code numbers for the games in Sony's SKU listings.

    The first disc's problems may have been due to scratches on there making it unreadable.