How do i change from wired to wireless
  • I just brought a used ps3 80gig and i cant set up the wireless internet its set to wired but theres no opt to change it
  • Just go to network Settings and start the process of making a new connection- it will overwrite the current connection settings. The choice of wired or wireless comes early into the process.
  • Would there be any reason why the screen to change the connetions wont come up
  • Don't bother looking to change the current connection- just select the fourth option in Network Settings, "Internet Connection Settings (Wireless)" and go through the full process of setting it up. As i mentioned before, this will overwrite the current settings.
  • all right i went where u told me 2 and the first thing that comes up is select a setting method.
  • That's right, you have a choice of easy (which tries to detect the settings automatically) and manual (you enter in settings yourself). Go with Easy at first and see how it goes- in most cases that's all that is needed. If you have encryption set up on your wireless network you will need the key to enter into the PS3's settings- you'll find that in the router settings.
  • I went with easy its says I need a Ethernet cable
  • Ok, there's something definitely amiss here. :huh: If you chose wireless it should have prompted for scanning for a wireless network.

    Try it again, following this path: Network Settings, Internet Connection Settings. You should get a prompt telling you you'll be disconnected at this point, say yes. Move right and highlight easy. Move right again and select Wireless. Move right and select Scan. When the conection you want comes up highlight it and move right. Choose the security the connection uses and move right. If you do have security on your connection you'll have to enter in the "key" now. Save settings and test the connection.
  • Thats the problem im having im following all those steps but Its not showing the wireless option
  • You may have to ask Sony about this one, emac- there is no feasible reason why the choice of wired or wireless does not come up.
  • I seem to be having the same problem while trying to connect to my wifi network on the ps3. Any luck or suggestions emac??
  • Guys, I'm thinking you may have to completely remove that connection from the PS3 before you start setting up for a wireless one.