snow white box, update map
  • :cry: I need help guys, I have been going round this ?*/?*$% hotel looking for the Snow white box and the upgarde to the map to fill in the grey areas. I know I need to get to the employee lift but where is it. I have the two other music boces but this last one is killing me.


  • DinoEvil, this is hard to explain so just bare with me - First off, have you got the Employee Elevator Key from room 204 from there stay on the same floor and go across the lobby landing to the other side of the hospital where you will see a big gray rectangle patch on your map and that is where the Employee Elevator is and from here it is quite easy to fin the final music box.

    Hope i explained it clearly enough for you, if not say so and i'll try harder.
  • :laugh3: Thanks EvilResident. I have now finished the game in Easy mode. Now to try it in Normal mode yahoo!!! :D