endings and bosses
  • I've finished SH2 with the In Water Ending (how original) but I didn't fight THE REAL Piramid Head Boss, the one with the huge knife, just those two who killed Maria.
    1- When/Where do I fight the real Piramid Head?
    2- Could you tell me where are the objects I have to collect to get the Rebirth Ending?
  • Well, Skyhigh, you have fought the Pyramid head the only way you're gonna for this game.... as he's not really the 'real' boss!!
  • You can also get the rebirth ending by getting the Leave, Water, and Maria ending or getting the dog ending. The rebirth ending is sorta explanatory but if you're still having trouble deciphering just what James is doing then let me know and i'll fill you in on all the dark secrets. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Still, one more question. Comparing the In Water ending and Maria ending, what haven't I done to get
  • Yeah, Mad Man, I'd like to know too!!
  • You need to pay extra close attention to Maria. You need to go exactly where she tells you to without dilly daddling. Make sure she doesn't get hurt often. After you leave her in the hospital, make sure to go back and check on her a good bit. Also when in the prison try to re enter the cell that she was in. This should be the correct ingredients to getting you the Maria ending. If you have any trouble let me know and i'll do what i can to help you. Oh, Speedie, tell me what you think he's doing and i'll tell you how close you were to the real thing. It took me a long while before i got it but the name rebirth gave it away for me in the end. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Speedie, why do you think Jame's NOT alone on the boat? Hehehehe... when I in the middle of the lake I was always expecting some kind of scary scene... Something like Friday the 13th hehehe, some hands or such... but it was just a quiet nice ride... oh well... there are more questions I do have. Mad, could you answer them? I'm playing the game for the 2nd time, so if it the answers are STILL spoilers, don't answer them:
    1- After all, who IS Laura?! Somewhere in the game, it seems that her character loses interest!
    2- What's Angela's contribution to the story of the game? She appears occasionaly getting stressed and runs away! At the end of the game she's at the stairway surrounded with flames... she freaks out (like all the times) and she goes away... strange! And what's the bid deal whith her knife and that strange red stain on it?(they DO NOT say it's blood!)
    3- I got some kind of Alternative Map on that small cafe, at the beggining of the game... I never used it... What's it for?
    4- It seems you collect a HUGE amount of information during the hole game that will not affect the ending (i think) but the information is so trivial... Is it just for us to know cool stuff about the town? Like what has happened in the lake or such? For example, I don't know what's with the drawings on the prisoner's cell... I've seen them, and?!...
    5- Don't you think SH2 is much easier that SH1? And much shorter than the first one as well? (okay, this one is NOT a spoiler hehehe)
  • I thought SH2 was shorter & easier than SH, too. I think the monsters in SH2 are a lot easier to deal with. I still need to go back & get all the endings to the first one. :0
    And I think Laura is just there to lead you around Silent Hill. :P
    I don't know about Angela, maybe she killed her dad or somethin'.
  • Technically Laura isn't there. Laura is in the Normal Silent Hill but appear in both the normal and Fog towns at the same time. She is only there to gide James. One of the possibilities that she can be in both worlds at once is because she was special to Mary and it was her will for James to be able to make it out alive. Angela was abused and molested along with her mother when she was little. She is also schizophrenic from her wanted to pass the damage she's felt on someone else giving her an evil second identity. The story points in the way of makin it seem that she killed her father but it would make more sense that her mother killed him and when finding her father dead kept the knife as she thinks that it's the last she will remember her father. She tells James that her mother told her that she was bad which means that her mother is trying to say that she deserved what her father did to her. Her mother made herself believe that she was justified in killing the father by making Angela into a bad child for some reason. Now, people only enter the Dark Silent Hill if they have sin or if they feel that they've done wrong. Well, Angela feels that it was her fault that her father had died. Also, the monsters in Silent Hill are manifestations of the minds of those in the game. James sees enemies that relate to Mary's illness, Eddie sees abusive people, Angela sees fire and her father trying to subdue her. The pictures in the game are just a grisly reminder of Silent Hill's dark past. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • madhtr: How do you know all this cool stuff about Silent Hill?
  • I've done quite a bit of research into the background of the series as well as my own personal experience with the game. Then i had to take into account the psychological side of the way people in the game felt and that helped me with some of my conclusions. I think that the best thing about the SH series is that you can come up with your own scenarios for what went on in the game and it'll make sense to you while others may not think the same way. The thing is that whatever you decide happened is right because many things in the game which you believe to be real may not be. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Madhtr, will you please pm me the info you have on the dark secrets you mention in this series of postings?
  • madhtr: Me too, PLEASE!!! :D
    Got...to....know...."dark secrets". :cool: