Help!!!! I'm stuck in a big, wet, dark hole.
  • I'm stuck in the well in the prison. Any suggestions or should I just start over at my last save point.
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  • Let me say something about this game. Sometimes the puzzles are so cleverly done, the answer could be right in your face and you wouldn't know. I love it. This game rules.
  • Super, I don't know if ur still stuck or not but how you get out is to feel around the wall and he will say it is impossible to climb but then he says this part of the wall feels different, I took my stick and beat the wall and it falls apart and reveals a door.
  • THanks a ton. Actually I just figured that out about 5 minutes before I checked this out. I didn't play on through though. I can't wait to see what comes next. There's just something spooky about a haunted sewer. Good Gaming.