Stuck before room 312
  • I can't seem to find a way to get to the 3rd floor. I have the cinderella and snow white music boxes, the freak'n key for 312, and the damn video tape. What am I missing? Thanks for any help.

  • Use the thinner you should of got from the elevator in a photo in room 205, and then open the lock of the bag nearby, get the 'Cinderella' Music Box, you should by now have 3 music boxes, the 'Kittle Mermaid' box, the 'Cinderella' box and the 'Snow White' box. I see you haven't mentioned that you have the 'Little Mermaid' music box, you get that before entering the Hotel on the fountain in the garden.
    Solve the Music box riddle with all 3 music boxes. Get the key to the 3rd floor from there and head to room 312.