Folding At Home
  • how do i join the ap folding at home team? also does it use alot of power when you just have it on folding at home,i dont want a big electricty bill............the wife would kill me and then burn the PS3.:mad:
  • Details are at the start of the pinned thread in the PlayStation Discussion section, steel. Very easy to do.

    Once you have the Folding@Home running hit triangle to bring up the options, then select Identity. Pick the second option here, "Join an existing team". Enter in the team number (54263) and you are done. You may also want to change your folding identity (first option) to match your psn name or forum name- by default it says PS3.

    I don't think it uses that much juice overall. Still, if you are concerned about that sort of thing just fold when you can- it isn't mandatory to run 24/7. Even if you only go at it for an hour or so a day it will slowly add up.
  • thanks for that lyndon ;)