Revised topic (chronicles of the sword)
  • :erm: Well yall was so much help before on this game I decided to try again. :D I'm having trouble getting the honey that the old crone needs to make medicine. I've found the bee hives, I have my lantern, some dry weeds,
  • Go back to where you got the straw and walk a screen down. Here you need to wet the straw in the well. Use the straw on the lantern and go back to Brother Anthony and use the straw to smoke the bees and get the honey. Feel free to ask any other questions that you need to and I or one of the other great members will find you an accurate and speedy answer. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Oh no! I have already set my straw on fire! I guess i'll have to back up to a previous save and try it again. I got a little ahead of myself, I tend to do that sometimes.
    Alrightttt! Thanks!!
  • Hey peoples, guess what, i'm stuck again. I'v been thrown off a cliff and landed on a ledge. I entered a cave at the back of the ledge and followed it to a dead end where resides a dripping lantern and a huge rusty lock. I have been unable to transfer any ofthe oily stuff to the rusty lock and open it. What now???
  • If I've followed the walkthrough I found correctly you should have found a key on a walkway just a bit earlier to here.Use the key on the lamp to get the oil on it and then use the key on the lock to open it.
  • Well Glory!! I'm stuck again (bet that dont surprise anyone). Here i am in the castle Lyonnese, the Faries have my sword, I've picked up a hair and a hair brush, and cant get any farther. What now?
    Man i'll be happy to finish this game, but I cant quit now. Hope someone will come to my rescue again, thanks.
  • After you get the hair go to the right and exit to the right of the faerie leader.Use hard rock on the second petrified tree to get a twig.Go up and enter a door.Use the twig on the urn to get a vial.Return this to the faerie leader and give him Morgana's hair and pick up your sword.

    There's not much farther left to go from here-keep at it! :thumbsup: