UMD loading issue.
  • Hello,
    I am an employee at a toy-store located in the Netherlands. A customer came by today saying that her son's psp-lite has been disfunctioning. The problem was that it would not load umd-discs, whenever the umd is inserted before turning on the psp it results in only showing the regular animated background image. When the disc is inserted after the psp is turned on it has no effect at all, except after a while it shows the message The disc could not be read. The psp also makes a unnatural sound when the disk is inserted. The lady had already contacted sony, they said she had to connect her psp to her pc with a usb cable and connect it to the internet (this atleast was what the lady had told me, this information ofcourse however did not help me finding out what the problem was). I did ask her if they said she needed to do a system update, but she said they said she didn't. I myself have a psp but have not been active in the community for quite a while and am not familiar with this problem. I hope I have supplied you with sufficient information in order for you guys to help us find out what the problem is.

  • The customer may have been a bit confused about the information the Sony rep gave. they likely said to download the system update via the PC and transfer it over via the USB cable to the PSP to update it.

    It is normal to hear a bit of a scratching sound as the disc gets up to speed- it's just the plastic rim around where the disc goes on the spindle inside rubbing up against the outer casing of the UMD. However, if they are getting a "disc cannot be read" error the laser inside may be misaligned/ gone altogether or (quite possibly) the disc is dirty.

    Did she try just the one game or did she have several discs to try? If she just had the one game she may want to try giving the disc casing bottom a rub off with a soft cloth as well as the disc inside- i can be spun around easily enough to get to it through the small slot on the bottom. If after cleaning the disc it still doesn't work I would suggest calling Sony again and ask about getting the system repaired/ replaced. They have a one year warranty on the system so it would be at no charge if she still has the receipt.