• I dont know where I am at, but I am dealing with the guys with the electric
    shock guns that you have to sneak by. They are Red and are almost human.
    Anyway I come to a room with an electric globe in the middle and when you enter there is a arm that extends to you. But I can not get to the other side,
    and I think the arm needs to be activated to swing around the room. Hopefully this is enough info to help you know where I am. Please help.
    Thank you.
  • Sounds like you are somewhere in the last couple of levels in the game, either the baron's palace or the prison (most likely the prison). I can't really place where you are though, i don't recall an electric globe and swinging arm. Can you give me a bit more detail about what you did just a bit before reaching this point?
  • I am in the prison, before this I was in and out of the prison cells going up and down different levels or floors. Then you come up to this area, with like
    a purple background, and purple liquid on the floor. When you come to the room where I am stuck, There is like a light in the middle with electricity running down to it. If you go to the left there is three spiders, and to the right one scorpion. I need to get to the other side but it is just a little too far, and there are no green recharge dots to get there. Hopefully this helps.
  • Ok, i have you pegged down now. You are able to hover over this spot but it takes pretty much perfect timing. You may need to do a running double jump and to get enough distance to hover across without falling.
  • I'm sorry, but are you sure, I have spent over three hours trying to get over, double jumping and hovering and I always come up a little short, is there something maybe I am doing wrong? Should I use the flamethrower, or the jet, or the gas, I have tried all three though. Please Help!!
  • The flame thrower would give you an extra boost which should help you get across.
  • I think you are thinking of a different part than where I am. After I left the prison cells, through the tunnel you have to duck to go into,going down the hallway there is a big jump that requires perfect timing. But this part, I am stuck at, is right after you avoid two guards, you go into a big square room with the electric septor in the middle of the room. There is a extended arm that reaches out to you on the side of the room you enter.
    There are three spiders on the left ledge, which has recharge gas dots to get you there. Ther is a scorpion on the right, which also has three recharge dots to get you to that ledge. Once you go to the middle of the room under the electricity source, you have to go to the ledge straight ahead of you. I tried the flamethrower, same result. Thank you.
  • Ok, this is actually right near the end of this level, just shortly before the final boss battle (if i have you placed right this time). Jump across into the middle and hover with flamethrower- this will turn the big gear to the other platform. When you get over there kill the bugs and do a running jump to hover across collecting the green orbs along this next gap.

    Just so you know, i have been checking varius walkthroughs to find this- while I am playing through the game myself i haven't quite had time to get to this point.
  • Great that did it, thank you so much.