what activates the umd loader?
  • Hi all
    when a umd disc is inserted the psp does nothing. It's out of warranty. I have tried a number of things like leaving the battery out for a few hours etc, everything else works fine .The motor does't even turn when the door is closed.
    My question is: what part of the door activates the psp loader when it's closed ? or what tells the psp to search for a game when one is inserted?.
    I have opened the unit up and found nothing wrong other than a corner of the right hand side hinge of the door broken off but it does't interfear with the opening and closing of the door. If i need to i will replace the lazer and motor unit . Thank you for your help .
  • When you look inside the UMD slot you should see a small switch just to the right of the center- this is what activates the disc drive. The disc itself pushes this in to activate things. This is on the slim model- it could be a slightly different place for the old original.

    It's possible that broken corner could be part of the cause if that is in contact normally with the activation switch.
  • Sorry but i have the door off and lifted the drive to look under, The lever switch you talk of which is pushed by the disc is simply an ejection lever and is not touching anything else that can be activated .The corner which is broken off the hinge also does not have anything to touch.
  • I don't think you are looking at the same place I was. The small switch I mean is just a small white bit, maybe half an inch to the right from where the center of the UMD would be.
  • Thanks for trying to help but this psp is about 18 months old and theres no little white bit anywhere. I found a couple of pics on the web which has the same drive as mine. Please let me know if you have anymore suggestions.image
  • Well, they did change things up quite a bit inside the slim PSP, making for quite a few less parts (fewer breakdowns that way, hopefully). Considering you are well out of warranty that replacement drive would be an inexpensive solution- if you are handy with dealing with this aspect of electronics it's worth a shot.
  • OK THANKS AGAIN, As you say it's worth a shot.
  • Hi again
    I have sorted my problem. You where wright about the lever or tab to the left, I couldn't see it because it was broken off. I switched the psp on and levered off the door and disc holder then put a small screw driver into the little black plastic box that was left after the tab was broken(it's the only thing you can see from the top that is attached to the motherboard), the motor came on and the lazer lite up. With the psp off I then decided to bung the little box with silver paper which was conductive, put in a disc and switched back on and it's working perfectly accept for the fact that i need to make sure the psp is off before putting in and taking out discs.
    This was my own personal solution and is not recommended if young children will be using the psp because the drive will come on for a few seconds when the psp is switched on wheather there is a disc in it or not however if you can get a new switch it can be replaced by a capable person who can solder or simply replace the motherboard. I've even found a great site that gives detailed disassembly instructions. The Llamma's Adventures with the Sony PSP. Hope this helps someone else, bye and thanks again.