Won't Load Game While Playing
  • Thought I'd give this a try...

    I've had my PS2 slim for just over 3 years. Its worked great until recently - I've had no problems. Here's what is happening:

    God of War II would load and play when I first got it. As I was getting into the game, it wouldn't load. I would get to the screen at the beginning to select and load game. Then it would load and load and load and load...nothing. The disc would be spinning, but not loading. I would play another game, like Need for Speed 2, where it would load and save my profile. I would go back to GOW II, and it would work. Now, I can still get to the GOW II menu, select a game to load, but it won't load, even if I play another PS2 game first.

    Often, while playing, if I would move into another area of GOW II, the game would load briefly like it should. But now it would just freeze and load and load and load.

    I thought it may be the disc. So, today I got the GOW II disc buffed out (there were some scratches), but the same problems were happening.

    Recently, I was having problems with GH III too, where it start to load, and then nothing - I wouldn't even get to the start screen. Then tonight, playing Star Wars Battlefront, while loading a new level (Yavin), it would load and load and load. Yavin finally loaded, but there was no sound.

    I'm now thinking its the machine, not the disc.

    I've cleaned the lens just recently (and several times) - though its not a DVD lens cleaner, but a CD one.

    Hope this makes sense...

    Any ideas?
  • Unfortunately, Tom, the PS2 is on its last days. :(

    You could call Sony and ask about repairs but the cost there overall would likely be about the same as a new system once shipping both ways gets added on. It's either that or look into a replacement.
  • Hi Lyndon,

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I guessed it was dying - why do you think its dying?

    Well, its time to upgrade to a PS3!
  • Hard to say why it decided to kick the bucket like that- it could be overheating due to a high amount of dust inside or possibly a part inside that slipped past the quality control during manufacturing deciding to show its true colors. Too many reasons why to count.

    The PS3 is a great machine and I think you'll be happy with it when you get one. If possible, i would try to find a 60 GB system to ensure maximum backward compatibility (it has the actual PS2 chipset inside, at least with the North American version). The 80 GB uses software emulation and isn't as robust for PS2 game play. Both are getting increasingly hard to find with the 60 having been discontinued a while back and the 80 GB looks to be headed the same way (or at least the bundle with Motorstorm is). The 40 won't play PS2 games at all so that wouldn't be an option for you.