get to the pool for second coin
  • First of all, there is a force holding one of the doors closed on the other side I believe is on the 2nd floor. How do I get in? Second, I have found the wallet and my code to the safe is 15>>20<<05>>10; Howdo I put this in exactly! I put it in and nothing happens. Last, how do I getto the pool to get the second coin...please direct me.
  • OK, on that safe code, if the direction is ">>", then you use the "right" directional button on your D-Pad to get to the next number. "<<" = "left button". It's a bit confusing 'cause it actually moves the safe dial the opposite way. I think you may have to press X to open it, but I can't remember.<br />
    To get to the pool, you will need the Courtyard Key that opens the door at the end of the hall on the first floor of The Woodside Apts. The Key is in Room 307 in the closet where James hid. To get the coin out off the pool, bait the demons from the side of the pool away from the carriage then run like hell around the pool & down the steps, grab it & run out.