• 1) there's supposedly a Gunblade somewhere in this game.
  • 1. Gunblade:

    Successfully complete the game with an "S" rank. The GunBlade weapon from Final Fantasy 8 will be available in replay mode for 10,000 BP

    2. Teddy Bear:

    Give Flint the Teddy Bear, and he'll lead you to Eve.

    3. Endings:

    The ending(s) are dependant upon aquiring SPECIFIC items during gameplay. You must search for these items
  • Endings? I can answer that. When you meet up with Pierce after the garbage boss head to dryfield, find pierce and ice him down, head back and when back in the shelter after No.9 has Eve go to the Golem freezer and find him there. By doing this you get the good ending, the regular ending is were you save him but not again in the Golem freezer. The bad ending is when you just dont save him at all. The rankings are based upon how much EXP you gain (check the cheat center to see how much is needed i forgot)
  • :2silly: is there anyone know how to get MPA5[+2] sub machinegun when u start playing early in the game.its my favourite weapon.i already played the
  • check here for some info oh scroll down to the bottom of the page then move up I thikn you should find it.
  • i don't think those rankings in the cheat center are 'official' rankings.

  • :2spin: thanks for the tip mengsk.i already checked the cheat section before.the weapon mode code is for gameshark only.juggleknot is right.juggleknot if u want to know whether u are getting a good or bad ending......the good ending is u get to see aya brea brings eve to the museum and suddenly the handsome agent appears.then the end..that the good ending.for the bad ending after u defeat the the boss u were knocked out and the agent come rescue aya.then that it the end.no extra CGI.to get a good ending u must save pierce in dryfield and in the frezzer.u must not miss out that...i recomend u checked the walkthrough section PE2 .its very detailed guide u can't miss a thing.hope u get the good endiing cause the CGI is really cool. :thumbsup:
  • thank you toseanchlim.
  • Umm, I think that there are 3 endings. If I remember one of them is where Aya just wakes up and sees someone and it ends, another is where Aya wakes up then another one is were the president and someone else talks, and the good one is the museum ending.
  • There are 3 endings as Mengsk said.

    Juggleknot here's how to get the endings:

    Bad Ending: You didn't save Pierce

    Normal Ending: You saved Pierce