Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus
  • This is one of the great games that people either forgot about or have
    just never played it before.

    This game has been around for while, SEGA / Sonic Team has improved
    a lot of stuff, and they have skimmed down a few things as well.

    There are people of ALL ages whom play this game ONLINE / OFFLINE....

    I am one of those people who game online with this game. It is addictive!

    In the event that you have not played this game, then you most definitly
    should check it out, research and read what all this game has to offer.

    You can go to a few places to read about it.. And, if this post does not
    get edited, then you will find those links below....

    URLs removed

    I am open to all questions / comments / concerns. PM me...
  • I removed your URls as we prefer not to lead people away to other gaming sites. I'm sure you can understand the reasoning there. B)