• Ok I have been trying all night to fix this problem with no luck.

    When I got my ps3 I set it up using the hdmi cable and everything worked fine. The display it selected was 1080i, I used it like this for like a month. Now my tv has 480, 720, 1080i, and 1080p. Earlier I was messing around and went to the settings and chose 1080p instead of 1080i, when I did this the screen went black and would not come back up so I turned the ps3 off. When I turned it back on I still had no picture or sound. I tried the reset thing by holding down the power button, and still nothing.

    So I pulled out the provided cable (red, yellow, white) and plugged it in, and the picture/sound came up. Now the first thing it asked me was if I wanted to use the hdmi source so I told it yes, then the picture went black again. I tried reseting it again with no luck, even tried reseting the system to default and still nothing. Every time I try to select hmdi now the picture goes black.

    does anyone know how to fix this?
  • Very easily fixed, Eric. Put the HDMI cable back in and have the PS3 on standby. Now, hold down the power button until you hear several beeps (should only take a few seconds). This resets the PS3's video output settings to whatever you have connected at the time.

    Once you get things back i would suggest going into your PS3's video settings and select everything for video output except 1080p. The fact your tv went black on this has me thinking your tv does not have this as a native resolution- it may upscale but cannot take it as an input.
  • Thanks for the help, I did find the problem i do have a 1080p tv but it has 3 HDMI slots and only one of the takes 1080p the other two only do 1080i.