Turning Point - Fall of Liberty
  • Anyone out there got any info on this game, I got in on Pre Order for next week Friday but not really heard much, or seen a demo and not seen any reviews of the game..... and after the Transformers let down..... any info would be cool....
  • No info from me as such, just wanted to say this game looks awesome, and i'll be checking it out too.:D
  • Don't know much about it but pre-ordered anyway? :huh:

    Well, it is an "alternate reality" based on the premise of Germany winning WWII due in part to Winston Churchill not being there to rally the people (in this story he dies in an accident). About 10 years or so after The Big One Germany sets its sights on North America.

    This will not be featuring standard weaponry and vehicles from the period- many of these would be items that were on the drawing boards (jet bombers, zeppelin troop carriers, etc.) of Hitler's scientists back in the day.

    You are a construction worker from New York City who, while at work on a high rise project, finds himself right in the middle of the invasion. The first mission involves you trying to escape, leading you through some scripted moments (girders falling just before you step on them, explosions opening paths). You'll be getting weaponry from soldiers you take out such as one having difficulty with his chute part way through this mission-take him out from behind and take his machine gun.

    If you are into FPS games this should be a good choice. Haven't seen anything mentioned about multiplayer- this may be a single player only experience.
  • Cheers peeps, a calculated risk but I'm still gonna keep it on Pre-Order, not sure how long it's been in production, but you would think by now even a basic FPS woudl be reasonably good, but this sounds like it has potential, obvioualy Idoubt it will be as good as CoD4 or even Resistance... but it's got to be better than the reviews Soldier of Fortune - Payback has been getting....
  • They've been working on this one for over a year, I'd say (which is the norm these days).

    I may have to fire up the 360 and check out the demo they have for it there- would give a bit of an idea about the PS3 version.
  • Yeah its been in production for quite a while.

    Well, yeah it looks awesome, and about the multiplayer would it work on this kind of game? It looks like a single-player only game from the first few levels but we'll have to see what the later levels hold.:D
  • I had a bit of a go with the 360 demo and, to be honest, i wasn't overly impressed. The aiming moved a bit too quickly to be able to get a bead on the enemies, resulting in some early deaths. Granted, part of that could be due to the controller itself- things may be better with the Sixaxis/ DualShock 3 analog sticks.
  • Yeah big difference between the two consoles control pads. Sixaxis coming off on top in my opinion. Any word when or if a demos coming to the PS Store?
  • Things are always on the mum side regarding when demos and other things are coming to the stores until they actually hit. I do know you didn't get it in the UK this week- the online multiplayer demo for Lost Planet is there now, however. I've posted a news item about what was added to the UK store this week.
  • ive looked at this on amazon and it says it is multiplayer-8 players and 4 map's which is not alot really,doubt it will come any where close to the mighty COD4.