could this be the next warhawk....?
  • could this be the next warhawk.....LOST PLANET! Ive recently downloaded this demo from the U.S psn store and I'm quite impressed with it seems to be along the same lines as warhawk minus the planes the tanks gun turrets etc :D but you do get some big walkers with guns and things :D and you cant go wrong with big guns and things now can you.
    the level that you play dosent seem that big weather its because its just a taster i don't no but i found it quite good,supposedly comes out on the 29 of february but we will have to see.:)
  • I've played through the single player and it is a great game, and at times very challenging.:) I heard the online was good aswell. This was on my to-get list ever since i heard it was going to be released.:D
  • Ive found it on amazon for
  • Check out the online demo on the UK store. It didnt impress me at all actually, but i still stick by to what i said about the single player.

    It could be down to maybe this being a lazy port actually? We will see.