Safe in appartment building?
  • what is the code for the safe in the appartment building? iI found the memo in the wallet that said: 9>>2<<vv9>>8 but what does it mean?
  • Those arrows mark how many times to turn the dial and what direction.So the >> means turn to the right and stop when the next number hits the mark the second time.Does that clear things up somewhat?
  • yeah but what does the two v's mean do they mean anything?
  • They prolly represent "5" in Roman numerals. So I would guess that you add them all up. :0
  • That's right-for some reason they used Roman numerals for numbers over 9.So your combination should be start at 9,turn right twice stopping on 2,back to the left twice stopping on 19 (V is 5 so 5+5+9),then right twice stopping on 8.The safe should now open.
  • thanks alot guys that one was driving me crazy. when i started the game i put the riddle difficulty on hard because i wanted a challenge but i didnt think it would be this hard