• Im in the second hospital...well I gues it is. It's the same floor plans and stuff, but the rooms are different. I cant get into the basement I need some kind of key. There are noises comming from the door. Also there is a refridgerator on the floor in one of the lounge areas. How do i open it? This place is weird.

    Ryoga :wave:
  • cant remember very much so ill edit this later when i have a think, find maria and she will helpo you with the fridge.

    Ill edit this later and give u more info
  • :cry: Where the Blue Blazes is Maria?
  • OK, on the second floor....look for room M6.
    Inside is the basement key (don't forget to pick up the battery for later.)
    Head down the stairs & use the key.
    Then you'll be able to get that danged freezer open.