• How can I find "the 3 uncles" playing baseball instead to defeat them?:rolleyes:
  • have a look here, Paola- someone else was wondering the same thing a while back.
  • Since I'm not getting answered on gamefaqs, in the secret room in the attic, what is the code for the eleven switches and what does 52.2.10 mean?
  • Would it be possible if you could give us a little more detail about where this secret room is. What area is just before it? etc...?
  • It was said in a walkthrough and I got there at the end of the game. It's in a part of the attic where you have to use the Casperman morph to move a chair to reveal a secret vent. The room contains eleven switches and Fools gold coins that read out "52.2.10"
  • You just need to hit every switch, there is no set pattern to use (they tried to keep some things simple for the younger players that would likely be playing this). As for the code/ message the coins spell out, I honestly have no idea what that would pertain to. I tried a Google search and just came up with this thread so i don't think there is any info any place about this.
  • Nah we tried that, and I spent around half an hour googling it and nothing came up, there is nothing about this game anywhere, some websites don't even recognise it as a game. thanks anyway
  • I just figured:D

    52, 2 and 10 are the code.
    Think of the switches as binary numbers: 2,4,8,16,32...
    the upper switches are numbers from 32 down to 2. (left to right)
    the middle and lower one are both from 8 to 2 (left to right)

    you need to make the upper one 52, middle one 2, and the lower one 10.
    Just remember. when the switch is turned RIGHT it's ON :)

    The correct combination is then:
    R, R, L, R, L
    L, L, R
    R, L, R

    have fun :)
  • Holy hell, I think you might've just found it D:
    I'm LPing this game for youtube, so I'll let you know if you got that right
  • Ok, thank you Minde281, I didn't realise you actually knew the puzzle :P
    I only just noticed you knew how the switches were set.
    Thank you for helping me finally understand this puzzle that has annoyed me for almost 2 years