Lost in the Labyrinth
  • I spoke with maria after the cube puzzle in the labyrinth, but i can't get to her.

  • TheCow, i don't know if you'v done this already but after you complete the cube puzzle grab the wire cutters from the sparking electrical box and head to the doorway blocked by wires near where you entered the labyrinth. Use the cutters there and head into the maze. Once you'v completed the maze i suggest you save because there is a tricky boss coming up.

    If this is not the right info tell me and i'll see if i canhelp some more :)

  • go to the room with the ropes,go to the ropes to the top right and pull on them, go back to the room with the dead people in it and the keys are layin where the body was
  • Kado, you're thinking of the Six Hangmen's Puzzle and that is after you have the boss battle with the Doorman. And actually, you have to figure out which of the people laying on the floor were wrongfully accused. To do this there are some riddles that you must solve to find out who didn't commit the crime and then you have to go pull their noose. If you pull the wrong one then you'll have to deal with about 4 monsters waiting for you in the hall. When you have figured it out go back to the room with the deadmen and get the key to use on the handcuffs at the end of the hall. That's all the info i'll give for now and i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup: