80GB phasing out??
  • I have heard from a guy at GameStop and GameCrazy that Sony is phasing out the 80gb and going to replace it with a 120gb. the internet is full of rumors and "evidence" of this fact.
    Does anyone know the real story. I was going to trade up to the PS3 from my PS2, I want an 80gb, but if this is true...
  • The only ones that know for sure at this point are the Sony execs themselves and they aren't talking right now. Judging by what we have seen so far, however, I would not be too surprised if it is true. We've seen the same pattern with the 20 GB and 60 GB.

    So, if i were you I'd be looking for an 80 GB while they are still around. Any new SKUs they bring out will not have the PS2 backward compatibility at all.
  • well at first I wasnt too worried about the B/C, but I was concerned that it might not have other features as well.
    I was hoping that there would be some word of it at the GDC, but I haven't heard anything. I was wanting to wait but then i was thinking that for all I know it might be months even later in the year before it is available, and I might not have the money. I guess I will look for the 80GB if i can't find it, I will wait it out.
  • Well, even if all you see is the 40 GB it does have every feature other than a lack of PS2 backward compatibility. You also lose the memory card slots under the flap (nothing there, not even a flap) and 2 USB ports.
  • Yeah, that is the problem. I made the mistake of trading all if my PS2 stuff to a retailer before I even bother to recheck that they still had them in stock (as they did the day before), There is no store in my town with a 80Gb even used anywhere. I love Playstation, I refuse to go to the Xbox, but i really don't like the 40gb because of the missing ports. and with all the DLc coming later from PSN, I feel 40Gb isnt enough and i really dont want to ruin the look of the PS3 with a external hard drive. that veing said I did see some package deals for the 40gb that did get my attention.
    I just dont want to go out and buy the 40 and then tomorrow SCEA announces the 120.
  • Well, if you are set on the 80 GB some places online still have it, such as the Sony Style store (a search for 80GB PlayStation 3 brings it up).

    Now, if we were going to see an announcement regarding a new system it would not be until a big event such as the next E3 or the E For All expos. Anyhoo, the hard drive can be expanded using normal S-ATA notebook hard drives. If the 40 isn't enough, pick up a notebook drive from Best Buy or wherever you prefer and slip that in- it doesn't void the warranty (heck, they give the how-to in the documentation that comes with the system).