Left side arrow buttons acting up
  • Help! my son has a two month old PSP bought in russia. all of a sudden, the right and left arrow buttons on the left hand side of the console are acting up. They WON'T work at all during a game, but they DO WORK fine when i push the home button and play around with the system. what gives? if the buttons were giving out (which they shouldn't do after two months, right?) then why do they still work in the system mode? any ideas you have for repairs would be much appreciated, as my son is in crisis mode!!! thanks.
  • The majority of games on the PSP use the analog stick below the D-pad for movement. This could be a simple mater of the game being like that.

    If you are sure this isn't the case, however, your only option is to contact the person that sold it to you and ask them about getting the PSP exchanged/ get a refund. The local Sony support has no responsibility to repair consoles that are not meant for their region so contacting the local Sony support will do nothing. Things like this are why I usually recommend not buying an import system.