Worlds Best Laptop
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    According to this article the Macbook is the best laptop you can buy right now.

    Back in black: MacBook world's best laptop?
    Much improved hardware; Excels at running OS X and Windows XP

    By Gary Krakow
    Updated: 9:19 p.m. ET June 27, 2006

    Before I came to work at MSNBC, all the computers in my house were Macs.

    But at MSNBC, I was forced to work on a PC and have been doing so ever since. Had to. All the software needed to run our site is PC-based.

    But now, Macs are able to run Windows XP as well as OS X. And Macs run both very well. That means I could be very happy using the new MacBook that I
  • I am actually thinking about getting a mac soon. Windows has too many problems these days. Plus mac is supposed to be free of spyware and viruses too.
  • You know Mike, it is supposed to be free of viruses, but with the dual chip it makes room for the same problems.:(

    I have an old mac before the dual centrino and I certainly have yet to get a virus.
  • Hi, I agree MAC is one of the best. However, DELL notebooks are also good.
  • I have a dell and I don't like it much anymore. My hard drive crashed after only a year and the batteries lifepower sucks.
  • Somewhere down the future I do plan on getting a laptop to use instead of the desktop system i have now (going to be a few years paying it off first though). When it does come time to do so I am very much considering going the Mac route.
  • The Macbook is terrible.

    Watch this.

    YouTube - Unboxing of Stupid Macbook Air
  • I have a SOny Vaio that i got last december and i love it so much!!!!

    In fact i shuld have shares in sony, lol!!
  • I use a mac pro and its amazing. Completely turned me from a pc to a mac guy.