• hey guys. I just decided to start playing fifa 07 online,

    I have a slim ps2,
    internet broadband with virgin,
    modem with one Ethernet slot
    memory card
    fifa 07

    so will i be able to get on-line ??
    i tried connecting straight tot he modem used fifa 07 to set up account and it does not seem to work any one could help please:):D
  • I'm kind of doubtful if FIFA 07 will go online by now with the release of FIFA 08. Electronic Arts has a habit of switching their servers over shortly after the release of a newer version.

    The set up you are using should work for online but you should turn off the modem when switching it between the computer and the PS2 to "free up" the IP address Virgin gives you. Also, your slim PS2 should have come with a set up disc that lets you make a connection file on your PS2 memory card. If FIFA 07 does not have that routine built in you may want to find that (or another online game that has it) and set that up.