guitar her 3 aaaaah
  • alright i just bought the game and the controller and it wont sync to my ps3. so i was wondering if you can tell me how to sync it to my ps3
  • Instructions were included with the guitar you know. ;)

    Connect the USB dongle to your PS3 then hold down the PS button on the guitar to turn it on. Turn on the PS3 and push the button on the dongle. Press the PS button on the guitar again to sync up..
  • Man you just got Burned!:o I'm just playin. Although I did have problems with the wireless guitar controller working with Guitar Hero II. Is this a known problem?
  • Oh, yes- Activision knows about it. They didn't expect people playing the PS3 GH3 to want to go backward and play the PS2 versions of GH2, I guess.