• hi
    i got a problem with my ps3 connection..

    i living in my uni collage and somehow to access to internet. i need to dl a logon program into my laptop for keying ID and password to log into the internet they provided.

    the problem is i not sure if i get a router, i can use the router to access to internet and wifi my ps3...

    is it possible that i can login from laptop and connect my ps3 to my laptop to gain internet access?:o
  • That would work, actually- you would have to enable Internet Connection Sharing on the laptop to make it work. A Google search brings up all sorts of pages with the how-to's on that.

    The one problem you may have, however, is your university net connection will most likely have some of the key ports closed that the PS3 will need for proper connection. You'll have to talk with your uni net providers about that.