• I am stuck in an area; after the trolley/tram.
  • By getting a running start you should be able to just jump the gap.After urging Yorda to do the same.Drop down and follow the path to a rather precarious drop-off.Leave Yorda behind for the moment and jump to the rail.Go hand over hand to the right and you will eventually find a lever in a circular turret.Pull it once to raise up a crate nearby Yorda.Return to it and get her to jump onto it with you.Then go back to the lever and pull it again-this will bring the crate around and up.

    This should give you a pretty good start in this level.If you need any more pointers here just leave a post here-I'm checking the forums every day,so I'll see it eventually. :)
  • Thanks for the reply.
  • Ok then,you're in the room with the broken bridge in the center,correct?

    Move to the opposite side of the room and use the ledges to climb to the top of the wall-you'll find a ladder that lets you get on top of one of the supports along the top of the room.Climb to the center of the room and you'll see a center beam holding a chandelier.Drop on to it-it will drop onto the bridge below and all the way to the bottom of the room.You may want to save again at this point.

    Follow the ramp that goes around the outside of the tower and go in the door at the bottom-you'll be on the bottom floor of the big room you just left.Grab a bomb and place it next to the beam holding the bridge.Light your stick on the part of the chandolier that is still showing and light the fuse.The bomb will destroy the support and drop the bridge to cover the gap and let you get Yorda across.

    I'll leave the rest to you.Hope this helps! :)