• In RE4, I can see the girl stuck on the wall. But I cannot get down to her. There is a locked door and a non-functional door (I cant leave without her) and it won't let me jump down.
    How do I get her?

    PS The painting is still not complete (I found the goat part but not the other piece(s)).
  • Could you specify which ;evel this is you are talking about, Glenn?
  • This is in the castle level (the second map).
    Ashley falls into a trap and ends up manacled to a wall and Leon must find and rescue her. I can find her but the door that apparently leads down to her is locked from the other side.

    This is the room where Luis gets killed. Chapter 3-4

    Thank you
  • The door beside the merchant should lead you to her.
  • The door next to the merchant leads to the room where I am stuck.
    That is the room in which Luis is killed.
    It is a mezzanine floor with two exits. One is locked. The other is non-functional until I rescue Ashley. Ashley is on the lower floor. I can see her from the upper floor but I cannot reach her. I cannot jump down from the higher floor.
    Looking at the map, the locked door appears to lead to the lower level but it is locked.

    This is where I am stuck as I cannot get to the lower floor.
    I can see her but I cannot get to her.

    Do you know what the painting puzzle with the goat piece unlocks? Is it by chance the door that I cannot get through? If so, where is the other piece? But most importantly, how can I get from the mezzanine floor down to rescue Ashley?

    Thank you
  • The three pieces unlock a gate you come to at the end of the upcoming battle with Krauser- he has the final piece.

    Another member is stuck around the same spot. I think the problem is concentrating on trying to get to Ashley- she will be fine and gets freed after the boss battle, if memory serves. When starting the fight with Krauser after the cutscene, go left and into the building- when you check the next gate on the right it locks. Head up the ladder when Krauser crashes through the door and wait there with your knife ready. Krauser will jump in front of you- slash him to stun him. Just keep holding the knife and slash as necessary and he will eventually run away. You can then head back down the ladder and that gate should be unlocked, letting you continue the battle.
  • Thank you Lyndon.
    I think that will clear it up. I will focus on trying to find Krauser.
  • hi glenn i was checking this out and i think i can help you said you were trapped with ashley below you chained up if im right all you have to do is watch ashley these corrupt preists come out and try to get her you need to have the sniper rifle or just be a good shot you have to kill all of the priests and then you will continue i cant remember everything but i think that after you kill them you have to shoot the chains off ashley and she comes to find you this is the part where you become ashley for a short part of the game
  • nah the first thing u hav 2 do is shoot the chains off her from high up (don't hit her this will result in "GAME OVER") then u shoot the preists
  • hey glann take this note:
    shoot the buttom chain before any other chain becuse if you shoot the first and the second chains ashley will try to unlock the third chain after that you have to shoot the bad guys and then you have to play with ashley there is a puzzle complete the puzzle to unlock a door that door leads to the salazar mark and a piece of the painting take it then i knight will come to kill run away you cant beat him just run but if you playing normal or pro you are gonna see most of the knights of the puzzle room just moved to kill for now just run but in your way you will find knights holding axes to kill when you come to them just hit the button in the screen