• When in the game do you get a better weapon, I am concerned I might have missed it?

  • You get a sword but not until about halfway i think. Lyndon will be able to help you out more with this one. So if you've completed the game then you've missed it but if you're still early then you still have you stick which is the weapon that you use for most of the game. Well I hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • When you reach the East Arena you'll see a sword stuck in the big circular window of the first room you enter.Once you open that you can pick up and use the sword.
    Very late into the game you will find the Hero's Sword,which is more powerful (most of the shadows can be defeated with one swipe) and can open the energy doors.
  • Oh, and don't worry,
  • Hey Lyndon, if you get a sword that can open the doors,
  • By the time you have it you've been seperated from her anyway,DAPPY.Like I said,it's very late into the game when you get the Hero's Sword.

    If you were given that option it would make it more like some of the other adventure games out there.Having to figure out how to guide her along as well adds to the game,I'd say.
  • So you do get separated from her later in the game, cool; what happens to her?
  • You will finish it all to soon. then its over far to soon. then i was left with that feeling its over already? but it was to fun to be over lol
  • You're right,Arron,it is over all too soon.Still,I have no problem recommending it.

    DAPPY,I really don't want to spoil it for you.If you are a fair bit into it you'll see for yourself soon enough.