Help with ico again
  • I appear to be about half way thru the game or anyway after the reflector part and going out thru the portal and following a long walkway high up and beating some smokies. I climbed the long ladder and thru a switch which lowered a bridge down below. I saw a extra sword up there too. Not sure why I need it. I'm stuck here. Thanks again for all you excellent help.
  • That sword is just there in case you mislay the one you have,I believe,edward.

    Head back down the ladder and call Yorda.Go through the door to the left to return to the lower courtyard.Once across the bridge you lowered go to the left where you'll find a block.Move this beside the lower of the two ledges you'l see sticking out from the wall and climb up.Slash the rope you see to lower it to the area below.

    Now head out the door near the bridge and go around the walkway to the bridge you toppled earlier in the game and head down it to the door.You may have to fight off a few more shadows.

    Once out into the lower courtyard follow the walkway down to the lowest level and find the rope you lowered.Climb up it to the second broken window and swing in.Follow the ledge through a small door.You'll find a crate in the next room.Push it down into the other room and head down the ladder.Then shove the block through the open window to help Yorda up.Take her up the stairs to the energy door and you're off to the next area.