• I need help in the area where Ico is walking in the caves with the gears churning below just before you get to the gondola. I cannot figure out how to get down and complete the stage. I can get down to the water and swim around but cannot seem to get onto anything to climb up the gears or get on the chain that is there.

    It appears there may be an entrance from outside which would need to be accessed I believe by climbing down a cliff face or something.

    Can anyone help with the what I would call the "water gear " stage.
  • Sounds like you're in the stage just after you and Yorda get separated,officially known as 'Below The Castle".Can you clarify this a bit for me-I want to be sure of the stage you're in so I can give you the proper tips.
  • It's the area after you shut the waterfall off and then climb all the way to the bottom to open those doors with Yorda. It puts you into a cavelike passage way which eventually leads to the outside wall of the castle where Ico takes the Gondola down to the next couch.

    When Ico is walking on the catwalks through the cave, below him is water with giant gears grinding away and a water mill going.
  • Ok,I think I have you pegged down now.

    Head down the stairs to the edge of the water and climb up the chain you'll find-this will take you up to the walkway you were just on.Leave Yorda where she is and head out the door to the platform sticking out.Jump down into the courtyard and push the block you'll find over to the stony area.Head back the way you came to Yorda and take her back across the bridge and lead her to the courtyard.Use the crate to get up to the grassy area and help Yorda up.

    That should get you started on your way-good luck! :thumbsup: