Problem with display
  • So I had my PS3 hooked up to my regular 480 TV and it was working fine. then I tried to hook it up to my 1080 tv with composite cables for HD and I got these weird lines that would move vertically across the screen changing the color. Then when I tried to hook it back up on my 480 (using component cables) I started seeing the same lines but they weren't changing the color. I tried holding down the power button to reset the video settings but nothing works and I still see the lines. I don't know if I need to try and get an HDMI cable or what. If you could help I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you,
  • Composite cables will only get you regular low- def 480i resolution. If you want to go high def you will need to either use the component cables or (if your tv has it) HDMI.

    Put the PS3 in standby and hook up the component cables. Once that is done and you have the tv set to the correct input hold down the power button until you hear several beeps.

    Those lines may be from a connection not being in quite all the way or maybe a problem with the cables themselves. HDMI will give you a slightly better high def experience as it doesn't have to convert the signals from digital to analog and back to digital- if your tv has the capability i would suggest using that.

    Don't go for the big name brand, though- a test was done recently by a consumer marketing portion of a news network here in Canada- turned out the much cheaper cables from were every bit as good as the very expensive Monster brand. Save yourself some cash and check them out.
  • I'm sorry. I realized I wrote my post wrong, I was using component cables to hook it up to the HD. Do you suggest that I try it with an HDMI cable? Also I tries to reset the system by holding down the button during standby but the same thing happened. Also when I use the composite cables on my 480 I am getting the same problem with the video. Is it possible that this is a problem with the connection between the Playstation and the cable at the port on the Playstation? Thanks for your help so far, any further insight would be much appreciated. Also thanks for the tip on not spending a ton of money on Monster cables.

  • It is possible something may have happened to the multi a/v port when you tried switching cables around but it is usually much sturdier than that. The tech support at Sony would be more apt to be able to figure out what is up there. If you do plan on going with the HDMI, however, you may be able to ignore it for the time being until your new cable arrives. Chances are they would say to have the system sent in (which is fine if under warranty but if over a year old would be very pricey) and would leave you PS3- less for a couple of weeks on average.

    When you do get the cable, keep the component hooked up long enough to be able to switch the video output settings on the PS3 to the HDMI- you will be able to select what resolutions to use this way. My personal suggestion there is to leave things at 720p as the high end as hardly any games use 1080i (doesn't support fast frame rates) and the difference is hardly noticeable on movies.