• im stuck in this area where i just had to turn this switch like thing around in circles to make this elevator move up ... then whe we get to the top theres a save and an area where yorda and i jump across to another platform... now i can see a bridge and i can see how to get over there but i cant figure out how to lower the bridge so yorda can get across..
  • Hi Indigobeauty-that would be the start of the Water Tower area,I believe.

    Yorda will be ok where she is for the moment- there are no shadow attacks until near the end of this area. Leave her and jump across the gap to a wooden bridge. Drop down the side of the platform and use the bar stretching across to get to the other side. This leads to several ledges on the wall. Use them to get to the top of the area, where you'll see several criss-crossing bridges. Follow the path to a broken ladder and climb down and then leap to the platform acros from it. Climb the scaffolding and make your way to the chain at the end. Swing on this to kick the raised drawbridge down to let Yorda cross.

    That should get you underway.The rest of this stage is covered in one of the other threads if you need any more help here.If you have any more problems with the game you'll know where to turn- good luck! :thumbsup: