• how do I
  • Gemmafolk,I'm afraid i am still lost somewhat as to where you currently are in the game.Any more detail you can give would be greatly appreciated.
  • Collected Yorda, by using the boxes. climbed the ladders to and from the bridge stood on the pressure switch, crossed the next bridge entered the room with the hanging rails, closed the switch half way around, can see the post jumping but cannot see a way to reach the ledge with the open window through which I must climb to carry on.
    How do I get to that ledge?[/b]

    Ok,after seeing this PM from you,gemma,I think I know where you are.

    You should see a ladder on the sill when coming off the last bar leading down to the grassy area below-use it.You'll find a lever to the left of a staircase-this will open the door to let Yorda in.Head back out and jump across the shallow river.Turn the valve around twice to shut off the water and shove the block into the channel.Drop into the riverbed and call for Yorda.Shove the block al the way off the edge of the channel and take Yorda to the next room.Push the crate off the edge of the ledge it landed on and take Yorda down the stairs and across the bridge.

    After saving at the nearby couch push the crate under the ledge where the magic barrier is,climb up and call Yorda over to have her open the door.Follow the shallow stream along the cliff face to a ladder and climb up.Follow the path to a rickety bridge with a gap in it.Jump across and call Yorda.Once you pull her up you'll eventually find a gondola-Pull the lever and enjoy the ride.You'll find another save couch at the end.

    I hope this will help you out-sometimes it's hard to tell how far along people are in the game.If I am still in the wrong area apologies all around.
  • [b]Actually Lyndon the bit you posted there is what you have to do AFTER you climb out of the window. What Gemma (and now me!) wants to know is how the heck you are supposed to get up to the window in the first place? Having clambered hand over hand across the rails to throw the switch, the wheel turns inside the cage (on ground level) and the post moves up and down like a piston. There is nowhere else for Ico to go to via the rails so he climbs down the ladder and has to drop off onto the (stone) floor below - he and Yorda are still in the same building at this point.
    Ico's next task is to exit the room by way of the window above the cage with the (water?) wheel in it. If you go outside and back onto the bridge you can clearly see Ico's route and the ladder coming down from the open window.
    I went online to see if I can find any tips regarding how to get to this window and they all said that Ico must stand on the piston-block and jump at the same time as the piston throws him up in the air. Apparently he is supposed to cling onto a ledge from where you can make your way up to the window. I have now spent just over two hours trying to do this and I cannot see how on earth this is meant to happen because apart from anything else, there is no ledge...at least not that I can see.
    So.......any ideas? Have you played this game Lyn? Has anyone else here played it?
    Pleeezzzzz....I really want to continue with this and it is sooo infuriating to get stuck!


  • Thanx a lot LolaNicolina!
  • Cheers Oizo & Lyndon!

    Just one of the bombs will blow the tower as long as you throw it in the right place! Actually anywhere in the general direction of the tower will do!!

    I am writing up my walkthrough at the moment which I hope to get posted on APi in the next couple of days so if you get stuck any more, hopefully it will help.
    Or just ask!

    Enjoy the rest of the game and when you finish it, let the credits roll because after they have finished, there's some more you can do with Ico!