• Were You Drain The Water Out Before It Fills Up And Kills Kane Were Do You Go To The Exit In There And How Do You Do This Area Thank You For Time Please Respond
  • Once you hit the switch to drain the water from the large room take the lower catwalks to come up on the other side of the large metal door. Exit the room and head up the stairs to your next checkpoint.
  • on blood omen 2 in bad blood how do you defet the big boss in this area after his live bar is drained he still is alive how do you finish him.thank you for your time please respond
  • Trick him into running into the statue one more time and it will fall on him and finish the battle.
  • In Chapter 11 How Do You Defeat The Sarifan Boss In Blood Omen 2thank You For Your Time Please Respond This Is Jonasrick
  • Dodge the shots he fires from the Soul Reaver when the battle starts. Now, from halfway across the brisge shoot him with a telekinetic burst to knock him off balance. Use your dark gift jump to get up close to him when he's off balance to knock him over the edge.

    Now he will attack you head on with a 6 hit combo- block the first 5 hits and dodge the last, this will build up your Immolate level. Use that on him to get to the last phase of the battle in which you have the soul reaver. Once this happens you can do pretty much whatever you like to him and the battle will soon be over.