• When I change the input i just see crazy colors
  • What sort of cables are you using to connect, emac?
  • The blue and Green cables trying to swicth to hdmi
  • Ok- there is an easier way to go about it.

    First, put the PS3 into standby mode. Now, hook up the HDMI cable and switch your tv to the correct input. Next, hold down the power button on the PS3 until you hear a couple of beeps- the PS3 will detect the HDMI cable and switch to it automatically along with figure out what resolutions your tv uses.
  • I did it same thing happen.Do you think the cables are bad?
  • You did take the component cables off after putting on the HDMI before you did the reset?

    You may have a problem with the outputs on your PS3- i would suggest phoning Sony tech support.
  • No I didn't take the component cables off is that the problem
  • Most likely, yes- the PS3 would have detected that and gone back to the old settings. Put the PS3 on standby, disconnect the component cables and set your tv to the HDMI jack for input, then have another go with the power button trick.