• Hey,
    Can anyone tell me where 2 find the description of moves (either websites, or file with .txt extension) in WWF Smackdown, like Pedigree (how and what is the damage), 450 degrees, Electric chair, etc.

  • go to various websites that you can use like gamepro.com and stuff like that. I personally bought the strategy guide.
    anything else you wanna know about smackdown just write me back. I also have a gameshark which is really cool
  • Phoenix85 a more long winded way of finding out what stuff looks like (although its better because you see them in action) is to go through the create a wrestler bit - if you allocate points sensibly and do well in all your preseason matches most, if not all moves, will become available to your own created wrestler. If you want to know what something does, then just allocate that particular move to your created wrestler and then test it out.

    This does take time, but when you've gone through them all and given your wrestler all the stuff that you really like - you'll be much happier with the final outcome. Plus you'll know how all the moves play in your own head, rather than relying on a text description.

    This process is much more trial and error, but there's a lot more satisfaction gained than merely entering a gameshark code and so forth.

    I do believe its sometimes referred to as a 'learning curve'