• Boy! Try as I might after getting sword and cutting lines so gate opens, I can't go any farther. I tried to move the relflector but it does not budge. I also see what appears to be an elevator in other room don't no how to get it down. Thanks again for any help.
  • Head up the stairs along the left side of the first room and cut the rope that is there-this will open another door.Take Yorda through there.You'll find yourself in a room that slopes up with water running down making it impossible to go up-or is it?Use the ledges on the side to make your way to the top and head out the door.You'll soon come to another door with a weight switch.When you head in you'll find yourself on a high walkway above the room that leads outside to the first reflector.Jump over the gap and slash the ropes to bring down a bridge.Keep going to the other side and do the same.When you go through the door at the end you'll find yourself on a ledge overlooking where you left Yorda.Throw the switch to shut off the water,climb over the railing and call Yorda to you.

    Go to the room where you lowered the bridge and walk across it.You'll come to a room with an energy door on the other side of a huge gap.Yorda's magic will cause a bridge to appear over the gap.There you'll find a switch to open the last two candles and an elevator down to them.The cinemas that appear when you light them will show where to go next.Good luck!